Terms & conditions

Terms and conditions are subject to change. We will attempt to inform you about major updates to our terms and conditions – this may include by making a notice available on our website or sending an email to your registered account address. For the most up to date version of our terms and conditions please check our website.

General terms and conditions

When you use our website, register online, apply to use our services or purchase from us the following terms and conditions will apply.

Legal advice

Although we go to great lengths to deliver accurate and useful content, the content contained within our training materials, websites, our social media profiles and within all our external communications does not constitute legal advice and cannot be interpreted as legal advice. Regulations can change at short notice. We advise you to seek your own professional legal advice. Complying with data protection and data privacy legislation requires multiple changes to the governance of data and marketing communications within an organisation and an ongoing effort.

System availability

Our websites are generally available 24×7, but your access may be restricted during maintenance work which is required for performance, feature upgrades and security – we typically experience uptime of above 99%. We will prioritise any required downtime to occur on the weekend to help minimise the impact on you. We will prepare notices on our website about periods of extended downtime. If our service was severely restricted because of unforeseen technical issues we will work to restore services or provide suitable alternative methods for you to access the learning materials available under your subscription.


For support please email [email protected]. Our team will try to get back to you as soon as possible, typically we respond within 1 business day. During busy periods we may respond in up to 2 business days. 


Measured Collective goes to great lengths to produce up-to-date, relevant content. However we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the content within our website or our courses as information can change rapidly.

Copyright and proprietary property

No part of our courses may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, or translated into any language, without our prior written consent or unless we have specifically licensed this to you.


There are no warranties, express or implied, by operation of law or otherwise that you will successfully complete any of the courses available, or that any particular level of knowledge will be attained by you or by your team members.

Limitation of liability

Measured Collective has no liability to you whatsoever. This “Limitation of Liability” section applies regardless of the basis on which you are entitled to claim damages from us, including but not limited to, breach of contract (even in the case of a fundamental breach) and tort (including, but not limited to, misrepresentation). This limitation of liability also applies to our subcontractors. 


Our website and courses may offer links to other sites thereby enabling you to leave this site and go directly to the linked site. Measured Collective is not responsible for the content of any linked site or any link in a linked site. Measured Collective is not responsible for any transmission received from any linked site. The links are provided to assist visitors to the Measured Collective’s site and the inclusion of a link does not imply that the Measured Collective endorses or has approved the linked site.

Certificates & course progress data
Users of our course platform will have the opportunity to gain a certificate in most courses on completion of the course requirements. Course users are advised to retain a copy of their certification and progress. Measured Collective will not verify the status of a course users’ certificate to any third party due to data privacy concerns.

Use of your brand as a customer 

Measured Collective may promote the relationship between the Client and Measured Collective. This may involve but is not limited to the use of the Client’s logo and visual branding marks on the Measured Collective website and other sales and marketing materials. Any such use of Client’s logos will be subject to any applicable trademark usage guidelines of Client as provided to Measured Collective. In the event that you do not want your branding to be used on our website please inform us and we will endeavour to remove your branding from our website shortly after you have notified us.

Free course terms & conditions

Additional terms for any free course users.

There is no service level guarantee for free courses. Free courses and access to free courses may be withdrawn at any time. 

Free preview or trial terms & conditions

Additional terms for any free previews or free trials.

There is no service level guarantee for free previews or free trials. Any free course preview offered is for genuine business customers only. We may need to take steps to verify if you are a business before issuing access or delivering a demo to you. We reserve the right to withdraw or refuse access to the course preview at any time.

Online course(s) access via our LMS

Additional terms for any course purchases which are accessed via our LMS.

Purchases made for courses via our website for use on our LMS benefit from a 14 day money back guarantee. If the customer intends to cancel they must notify us via email to our support team – [email protected] within 14 calendar days of purchase. Access will cease immediately after the notification has been processed by our team. A refund will be issued within 14 days after this notice. Please note that refunds can take 3-7 working days to appear in your account. Any certificates gained during this period will be voided. Due to the administrative costs in processing refunds you may be prohibited from repurchasing from us in the future.

This guarantee does not affect your statutory rights.

Measured Collective reserves the right to cancel or edit a course when required. We will endeavour to make you aware of any major changes to the learning experience and to course materials and provide relevant alternatives if a course is discontinued – this may include adding new courses which cover the learning objectives in a more effective way or giving you access to the discontinued course materials through a third party learning platform or making them available for you to download and self-host – where permissible under our licences.

Seats cannot be assigned to employees of organisations outside of the primary purchasing organisation unless this has specifically been agreed previously in writing.

Seats cannot be resold.

Measured Collective Plus – subscription terms and conditions

Additional terms for any Measured Collective Plus subscription purchases.

Measured Collective Plus is sold as a subscription product. Subscription periods (monthly or annual) are set out on product pages on our websites.

Where your initial subscription is started online by means of a debit card/credit card you will enter into a Recurring Payment Authority (‘RPA’) that authorises us to collect recurring payments from you until you formally cancel the RPA.

Your recurring payment can be cancelled at any time using the setting in your account or by contacting our support team via [email protected].

Unless you cancel your contract for a recurring or cyclical deliverable by providing us with notice, we will automatically invoice and/or collect payment in line with the subscription period you selected.

You agree to keep your debit card/credit card details up to date throughout the subscription period.

Where you are purchasing on behalf of an organisation, and there is any change in organisational contact details, but you fail to notify us of that change, then your organisation will still be liable to pay subscription charges as they fall due.

We will notify you at least 28 days before the applicable renewal date of your subscription services of any increase in price so that you can decide whether you wish to give notice and cancel the RPA at its next renewal date. It is your responsibility to ensure that our email address is whitelisted or otherwise authorised so that you can receive our notification emails.

Access to subscription services will cease if payment is overdue or the subscription period has expired. In the case of missed payment, restoration of services may take up to 7 business days.

We will seek to inform you by email about changes to your subscription and to send you reminders when your subscription is about to expire. Please note that your marketing email preferences may limit the amount of notice messages that you receive in relation to the expiration or renewal of your subscription and may limit your knowledge of and access to promotional offers.

If the price of your subscription increases we will inform you at least 28 days prior to the end of your subscription period to inform you of the proposed changes and give you time to begin the cancellation process if you do not agree to the proposed price changes.

Measured Collective Plus customers can assign each seat in their package once during their access period. At the end of the access period on renewal, they can re-assign any seats with the assistance of our support team. A 30 day re-assignment window will be allocated for this process.

Seats cannot be assigned to employees of organisations outside of the primary purchasing organisation unless this has specifically been agreed previously in writing.

Seats cannot be resold.

Self-hosted course(s) terms and conditions

Additional terms for any self-hosted courses – courses hosted on own LMS via SCORM package etc.

The licence for self-hosted courses will depend on your specific agreement. Typically licensing for self-hosted courses will allow for 12 months access which can be renewed at the end of the 12 month period. At the end of the 12 month period access to the provided course materials is not permitted. Access to some or all of the course materials may be deactivated or halted via technical means if access to the course is not renewed.

Self hosted courses do not include access to course updates unless separately agreed.

The customer agrees to respect the terms of the licence provided and to halt usage of the course materials if they decide not to renew at the end of the specified licence period.

Measured Collective will take responsible steps to help the customer resolve any technical issues with implementing our courses on their own LMS but we cannot take on responsibility for technical issues which are the fault of a third party LMS or the customer’s specific technical setup. Measured Collective will seek to provide training materials in industry standard formats such as SCORM to help reduce the potential impact of any non-compatibility.

Standard payment terms

Payment is typically taken upfront for services via debit card/credit card or BACS. Access to services begins after payment has been received. If no payment is received then access to services is not provided.

If you have been offered the ability pay after delivery of services by invoice via BACS then payment terms are as follows unless different payment terms are specified:

  • Payment should be settled within 30 days of invoice date.
  • Payment should be settled via bank transfer.
  • Measured Collective Ltd may exercise its statutory right to claim interest (at 8% over the Bank of England base rate) and compensation for debt recovery costs under the Late Payment legislation if the invoice is not paid on time.